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The company has an impressive track record and offers a variety of auto care and servicing to various companies and individual thus enabling customers to have all their needs met “under one roof.”


We know how stressful it can be trying to figure out car problems or symptomatic cause of car failure. That is why we don’t hesitate to use our state of the art equipment to save you the stress of trying to figure it out.


Since we know it is not good for your car to breakdown before working on it that is why we have put together an effective team of Technician that will service your car ahead of time or better still periodically, hereby ensuring a preventive maintenance against possible vehicular breakdown.


We source for highly quality spare parts for your cars. Contact us if you have special requests for spare parts.


With our modern auto spray booth you can be sure to get an absolute exterior finishing of your car in the colour of your choice. We are so concerned about your status and thus wouldn’t allow you go for just any anything but the best.


We couple vehicular part and make it ready for pick up. We are just a phone call or better still, a visit away.


We also work on accidented cars. With our skilled panel beaters, we will work on the bodywork of your vehicle and bring it back to its original shape.


Kings don’t wash in any river but in the best pool. We have a good car wash port where your cars get to enjoy a good bath. Don’t hesitate to bring it today.

We repair all Brands

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