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Today at Rockfoundation Automobile Investment Ltd, we pride ourselves in our vast years of experience in the automobile industry and emphatically in the auto care services offerings. With a management head that is so vast in fleet management and as well gone on to lead several delegations and talks where automobile care and management in Nigeria, we are bold enough to say we are amongst the automobile companies in Nigeria to look out for when talks around repairs and healthy vehicular management arise.

For your information, Rock Foundation is fully an indigenous service delivery company in Nigeria, founded by a team of professionals with over two decades experience in the auto care business in Nigeria. With our state of the art machineries and equipment you are sure to get a budget friendly cost for all services such as your car will need.

Mission Statement

To add more value to customers’ automobiles

Vision Statement

To be one of the top 10 Automobile service company in Nigeria by the year 2025.

Core values

  1. Truth, sincerity and honesty
  2. Excellence in Car fixings
  3. Excellent delivery
  4. Enhanced workplace
  5. A place of attraction to customers in staff warmness and courtship.
  6. Clean and beautiful environment at all times.

At Rock Foundation Logistics Limited our team of experienced professionals understands and do prioritize safety above any other thing to be considered during their professional discharge of duties. We know better, how to handle our clientele cars; as a matter of fact we handle each car in our work station with touch of royalty.

This came as a result of our frequently held training and workshop on auto healthiness alongside an intentional managerial approach to managing company fleet, individual and commercial fleet with all sense of commitment. Our employees individually are as well vast in auto care experience, self-motivated and will deliver under no monitoring.

We operate from our head office in Lagos Nigeria.

Our objective as a company is to make the process of vehicular repair and servicing as easy and relaxing as possible for you so that you have no worry whatsoever to record other than dropping off your car and picking it up again once it is ready. It is our desire always to leave an impression up to the mark and that exactly is what we crave to achieve always.

Rock Foundation Auto Workshop

Advantages of Our Service

Auto servicing your car is an essential task that should not be ignored or forgotten..

Customer-Oriented Service

Rockfoundation Automobile Investment Ltd pledges to deliver high quality and cost-effective services on time to our customer’s specific needs.

Employee Growth

Rockfoundation Automobile Investment Ltd commits to offer our employees challenging work, personal development opportunities and a clear career path.

Business Partners

Rockfoundation Automobile Investment Ltd promises to cooperate on the basis of mutual respect and benefit.

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Head Office

1, Heal The World Avenue, Opp. Gateway Hotel, Ota.

P.O. Box 257, Ota, Ogun State.

Tel: +2348033049194, +2348023891766

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